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        For Free PDF Format of this book send a blank Mail to , If you are interested in having the hard copy for you own use and others send us a mail with subject "REQUEST" and then your message,  but mind you the books are free both PDF format and the hard copy, This books will do a lot to help you in making sure you get get to heaven, so make sure you get your own copy and then for those around you .

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide [is] the gate, and
broad [is] the way, that leadeth to destruction, and
many there be which go in thereat:
his book is a personal evangelistic gift to you because we love
you and Jesus Christ loves you more. Donít ever get turn off by
the title and subject matter if you can just have the patience to
Tread this book to the last page I promised you that your life will not
remain the same. I will start this introduction by asking you some very
personal questions. When last did you hear a sermon on hell from
your church pulpit? When last did your church pastor or priest
preached with passion and tears warning you to repent from your sins
or face the eternal consequences in Hell?
In these last and perilous days a lot of churches seem to have been
commercialized, though genuine ones also abounds. Itís very wise
and discrete for you to know the truths about your salvation and
where you will spend eternity instead of been deceived with a false
hope of church membership and financial support to religious
activities. You have the right and responsibility to search for the truth
yourself. Many church leaders today, are more interested in getting
the church halls filled than warning sinners about hell and showing
them the way to righteousness and heave. A church that cannot
prepare your soul for heaven is not worth attending, please flee.
Hell is a place of eternal punishment and separation from God. It was
created to accommodate the devil and his angels who rebelled against
God in heaven. Read, Matthew 25: 41. please I encouraged you to read
this book with seriousness and take a firm decision to give your heart
to Jesus afresh. Only a split second will determine your eternal destiny
if you donít make the right choice by rejecting wilful sin before
unexpected and sudden death forever closeís your opportunity.
If you happened to be amongst those who donít have time for true and
honest relationship with God, just before you get irritated and put
aside this book. I want you to know that less than a minute after you
die you will desperately plead and begged to be given one second of
opportunity to truly accept Jesus Christ and live aright. Donít wait
until Jesus sayís its too late to hear your cries in hell because there is no
forgiveness in the other side of the grave. When it really matters you
have only one life and it will soon be over faster than you may think.
Death will separate each one of us to our eternal home, either in
heaven or hell.
Each person must be ready for eternity calls at any moment; you could
just be a breath away from eternity, death could strike anytime. We
have all heard of stories of people who left for work or travelled but
never return back to their family but ended up in the mortuary. Some
few days ago a man ran his car into another car and the road pavement
and he died at the spot, I looked at the airbags of his car stained with
blood but it could not saved him. Similarly a group of guys and ladies
were happily going for a beach party, their vehicle cascaded and about
four of them died instantly. I looked and saw the corpse of one of the
young guys wearing jeans been laid on the street. These dead victims
will no doubt be facing the reality of eternity without Christ in hell if
they are not truly saved. Oh its just too late for them now to repent.
Some sceptics may say this visions are just been used to scare people
into heaven. My dear precious reader, itís better to scare you about the
reality of hell than give you sugar coated sermons on material.
prosperity and miracles that are getting popular today in
Christendom but put men and women in a state of apathy and when
they finally die on earth they ended up in hell. Cries of regrets of not
taking the reality of hell serious abounds in the flames of hell pits as
you will read in this vision.
in Luke 16 : 22-24, Jesus spoke about the rich man and Lazarus,
Lazarus a poor beggar died and went to paradise because though he
was poor, he was spiritually rich towards God. While the rich man
was spiritually poor towards God though he was wealthy and when
he died and regained awareness and consciousness in hell he pleaded
for some Lazarus to be sent back to earth and warn his brothers about
the reality of hell. These visions are Godís special grace to our
generation in unveiling the hidden mysteries of hell. The eternal
abode where the souls and spirits of all unrepentant sinners and
religious hypocrites are kept in punishment until the day of
judgement. Will you believe and repent ? Or doubt and find the bitter
reality of hell after your death
Peopleís unbelief, however, does not change divine truths. Hell exists,
and heaven is real. Unrepentant sinners and backsliders will spend
eternity inn hell ď where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not
quenchedí ( Mark 9:48). Don't be deceived. There is nothing like
eternal security for those who err from the faith ( Ezekiel 3:20 )
Admittedly, the doctrine of hell is no a longer popular bible doctrine
within Christian circles in todayís jet age. The subject is unpleasant to
the ears. Unbelievers disbelieve it, pastors are unusually silent about
it. But Jesus Christ spoke about hell in the bible more than any other
single subject. According to Ray Comfort in his book ď Hellís best kept
secret ď he said, the very thing sinners are hoping will save them on the
day of judgement, the goodness of God, will be the very thing that will
condemn them. Because if God is good, he must by his nature punished
sin wherever itís found, murderers, rapist, thieves, liars, adulterers,
fornicators. Homosexuals, blasphemers, abortionist, idol
worshippers etc.
Dear reader, the worst thing about hell is that its eternal, there is no
hope of ever coming out once you die without Jesus Christ or as a
Christian without sincerity and holiness with God. Even prisoners on
death row in prison cells have hope that their death sentence can be
commuted to a life sentence but that hope does not exist in the dark
prison cells of hell. Hell is a place where there is absolutely no hope of
coming out, Jesus says hell is a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth
and the worms does not die that feeds on the living dead. Hell is also a
place of total darkness and blackness, even in the darkest of nights
here on earth or in the fearful African night forest or jungle, oneís eyes
can easily adjust to the darkness and there is hope that darkness will
give way to the bright light of the morning sunrise within a given
number of hours. No such hope exists in the sombre and foreboding
depths of the blackness and darkness of hell. Is this the place you want
to spend your eternity?
Itís very easy to be an atheist or claim hell does not exist or probably
developed a lukewarm disposition to the subject because you love
your sins, pleasures and idols. But it will be very difficult to be an
atheist or doubt the existence of hell when you are on your death bed.
Some people who donít have time for a serious and genuine
relationship with God always panic and weep at their impending
death. Man was created a tripartite being with a physical body, soul
and spirit. When a human dies on earth, his physical body which is
buried in the grave decomposes, but his soul and spirit regains
awareness and consciousness in heaven or hell depending on the
choices of ones life. The bible states three immutable things about
God. First God is a Spirit, Secondly God is invincible and thirdly God
is immortal. Man was created in the image of God according to the
bible, so we are a spirit, that lives in a physical body and our spirit is.



Please request for this books (PDF&Hard copies)  free of charge


A Classic Visions of Hell Volume 1.pdf
A Classic Visions of Hell Volume 2.pdf
    A Classic Visions of Hell Volume 3.pdf





Hell is Real

We also have about Fifty testimonies and Visions of Hell on Audio CDS, DVDs and VCDs sent to the ministry. therefore we cannot go into reproducing all this because we lack computers and laptops for the work, we have the authority to reproduce this cds  and distribute free of Charge, We hereby then seek for men and women of God who will want this materials to get to people as soon as possible to come to our aids by providing for us Laptops with DVD writers and DVD Rom. The Lord of Host is revitalizing the doctrine of hell which is no longer preached on our pulpit by giving series of visions of Hell and heaven to men and women and charging them to tell it to the whole world, we are working  together to help rescue many who are on the broadways heading to hell back the narrow way by giving  them these materials to read.


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