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CALVARYVOICE EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION as a ministry have been handed a mandate, anointed and commissioned as one of the agents of the final revival that is coming, A revival that God will use to bring back His church to Himself, God is working and not resting in order to bring about this revival. Many have been saying that there has been the first and the final revival far back in 1906 but by the mercy and grace of God there still will be another great revival as of old that will come upon the Church before the second coming of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

CALVARYVOICE EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION By His grace is one the chosen agent of God for this purpose and therefore we are working tirelessly  to make our presence felt and know in every country of the world and therefore we are handing you this great invitation to join us and be our ambassador in your country, Let us come together and carry out this great commission.

If by the leading of the Holy spirit you are led to go with us and be a part of us please contact us by providing the following information below.


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